Monday, March 31, 2014

Dallas TX Pest Control Tips: How to Identify Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders

From our Dallas TX pest control home visits, we have learned that some of our customers find insects, spiders, and all forms of “creepy, crawly” things intriguing. Others seem to find them downright terrifying. The latter group has members who simply hate the idea of these pests scurrying around quickly on multiple legs, while others may only be afraid of spiders that are large or happen to end up on their arm or leg. While some may see this fear as illogical, it is important to understand that some pests, and spiders in particular, can be a very real threat to humans.

Two such spiders, in particular, fall into this dangerous category. One of these is the black widow. Did you know that the black widow’s “bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s”? ( A bite from a black widow can result in several hazardous symptoms in healthy adults such as muscle aches, nausea, and difficulty breathing due to diaphragm paralysis. Unfortunately, young children or the elderly may be more seriously affected by a bite, and in rare cases, the result can be fatal.
Black widows are often easy to identify. They are black and generally, but not always, have a red hourglass-like shape on their “stomachs.” However, it is important to realize that this is not always the case. Sometimes they may simply have a red dot or even no red at all.
The second type of spider to be particularly leery of is the brown recluse. The brown recluse is known for its venomous bite as well. Often a bite that has not allowed too much venom to enter the body will heal quickly, leaving only a small red marking on the victim’s skin. Those who are not as lucky may develop quite a large wound, several inches long and wide, that may take a couple of months to heal. As with the case of the black widow, those who are weaker may experience heightened symptoms such as restlessness, chills, fever, and vomiting as a result.
The best advice our Dallas TX pest control experts can give is to do all you can to avoid these spiders if you find them. In other words, do not deliberately disturb them, their webs, or their surroundings. Keep your family members away and call our experts as soon as possible. We will come quickly and remove the danger from your home, as well as check to ensure that there is not an infestation. We will treat the home and leave it free of these harmful spiders.
These spiders are common to the Dallas area, so watch out for them. If you are in need of Dallas TX pest control, give our experts a call today at 214-222-7378. You can learn more about our services at

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tips On Removing Pests with Help from the Best Pest Control in Dallas TX

There is nothing more uncomfortable than unwanted guests in your home, particularly when those guests are tiny and difficult to eject. Insect infestations can cause significant damage and lower the value of your house, not to mention diminishing the quality of the time you spend in that house. Here are some common insect pests and how to get rid of them with the help of one of the best pest control Dallas TX services.


Everyone’s least favorite home invaders are likely these social bugs. Whenever they discover food in a house, they release a chemical that draws all of their friends and family to join them, resulting in a quick and thorough home infestation. Getting rid of them can be difficult, as they can go for long periods of time without food and water. It is best to have your exterior treated to help ensure that they can’t get in, and then have the interior inspected to make sure they have not established a home inside your house already.

Bees and wasps
Colonies of these flying insects can be especially dangerous if you or a member of your family are allergic. However, even if you are not, they can be dangerous to home residents. They usually make their homes in the exterior of the house, though attics are also fair game. Prevention is key, as these pests can be very hard to remove and you may have to consult a professional handler to have their colonies moved whole. Have your eaves, attics, and exterior walls treated in order to help keep them out.
The little wood-burrowing insects are one of the most destructive species in the United States. Keeping them out of your home can be difficult, and getting them out once they are in can be expensive. It helps to have one of the best pest control Dallas TX services to simultaneously look for signs of termite infestation and deal with existing colonies. Termidor is one of the most effective ways of preventing termite infestation in American homes, and it should be applied by trained professionals.

Unwanted pests can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. Consult the best pest control Dallas TX for help with all of the creepy-crawlies who have worked their way into the cracks and crevices of your home. Give your home a little attention in order to keep out the guests. Keep your home and family safe from insects.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How To Get Termite Control Dallas TX

Termites can be some of the most destructive pests around. Other insects, like flies or cockroaches, get by with causing us grief but nothing more. Termites are on a level of their own when it comes to damage because they can destroy a building’s framework and foundation. Termites can also destroy trees, bushes, and any other plants in their path. Getting rid of them on your own can be next to impossible, which is where termite control Dallas TX experts come in.
Because termites can be such a huge problem in Texas, nearly all pest control companies offer termite exterminator services. Termites are the most invasive pest by far because the damage they can do is catastrophic. And unlike mice or cockroaches, termites don’t travel alone or even in small groups. If you have one termite, chances are that you have thousands or even tens of thousands of them.
Once termites have infested your home and eaten through walls or door frames, the damage cannot be undone. Signs of termite damage include everything from small piles of sawdust to unexplainable holes and major structural damage.
To get the best termite control Dallas TX offers, start first by researching companies. We can tell you right now though, that not all pest control companies are equal. Not all of them offer the same services, and not all of them even require the same certification and training for their specialists. Try to find a company that prides itself on staying up to date with research, technologies and innovations in the field. Find a company that has a history of happy customers. Find a company that guarantees their work and won’t charge extra if they don’t get the job done right the first time. Most jobs only require one or two visits from an exterminator, but serious infestations may require more.
How Did Termites Get In My House?
You may not even know how the termites got in your house in the first place. That is actually pretty common. There are countless places where these little guys live, from construction sites to forests and parks. You might pick a few up on your clothing or bag from a friend’s house. You may get a few on your shoes on a hike. And once you have just a few termites, they multiply quickly and you may find yourself overwhelmed and surrounded.
Nobody expects to find termites destroying their home or yard. What is important is getting a termite control Dallas TX company to take care of them once and for all so the damage can stop.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Keeping Your Family Healthy Through Regular Pest Control Dallas TX

Bugs are bothersome. There is no doubt about that. At our pest control Dallas TX, we are often called upon to rid local homes of their annoying pest issues. Customers are generally motivated by the fact that these little critters are simply nasty, unwanted nuisances in their homes. However, they may overlook one of the most important reasons for needing pest control, which is to protect their family members and ensure their safety.

The fact is that insects in the Dallas area can carry diseases and other health threats with them. These can be transmitted in various ways. For example, mice can transmit Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome to humans through feces they leave behind. The human may be infected when he or she has breathed it in through dust. Ticks often carry harmful diseases such as Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or they may cause allergic reactions in humans. Or what about hundreds of bed bugs that can causes skin rashes for those whose beds are infested, or scorpions that bite an unsuspecting victim who crosses its path, causing life-threatening complications?

Through regular pest control Dallas TX, you also protect your food from being contaminated by rodents. These can be caused by a number of pests, including mice, cockroaches, silverfish, and more. Because of this threat, it is a smart idea to keep your stored food in sealed, airtight containers that are not accessible to these creatures, before and after you seek help from professionals. This precautionary measure is just another way you keep your family safe.

Our professionals want you to feel safe in your own home. We want your children to be able to play in the yard without your worrying if they are protected from dangerous rodents and insects. That is why we offer regular service and maintenance options. We use the best products on the market to further your family’s safety. This is why we have chosen to use Demand CS Insecticide with iCAP technology. It is designed so that, while the effects of the product last for a long time, the actual product does not. It is used on grass and other parts of the yard, and is completely safe for children and pets. We want to ensure that both products and pests stay far from those you love, so they can stay happy and healthy.

If it is time for pest control Dallas TX at your home, we’re happy to help. Call us at 214-222-7378 or visit us online at

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