Monday, April 7, 2014

Dallas TX Pest Control: Four Facts about the House Fly

During the summer months, Dallas TX pest control techs are busy combating mosquitoes, ants and that other ever-present summer pest – the common house fly. Flies can be spotted by the stripes on their thorax. They soak up liquids and break solid food down by regurgitating their saliva on it. They are attracted to moist, watery areas. Here are some facts about house flies and tips on how to keep them in check during the summer.

1- Flies Transmit Diseases
House flies are more than a nuisance. They transfer over 65 diseases, including tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, dysentery, and cholera. Flies amass pathogens when they rest on feces, sewers, trash, spoiled meat and any moist, decaying material. The pathogens remain on their legs and mouths after feeding. Call Dallas TX pest control if you notice a fly infestation in or near your home. Eliminating theses insects quickly will keep your family healthy and prevent food supplies from becoming tainted.

2- Keep Flies Away by Closing Doors and Windows
Use door and window screens to keep flies out of your house. Check screens occasionally to make sure they’re free of holes and don’t have extra space at the top or bottom that may let flies enter. Caulk openings on water and gas pipes and electric conduits that channel into your home. Use screening where necessary to allow proper ventilation and keep flies away.

3-Safe Ways to Eliminate Flies
You can eliminate flies from your home by using sticky fly traps, ultra-violet lights and baited traps.  Use a fly swatter to get rid of a lone buzzing fly. A Dallas TX pest control company will place bait traps in your home to help keep flies away.

4- Keep Your Home Clean to Keep Flies Away
Guard against fly infestations by keeping food stored in sealed containers. Wipe crumbs off counters and don’t leave fruits or other food out on counters or tables after meals. Dispose of grass clippings, garbage and decaying food or organic material immediately. Keep trash cans tightly covered, and clean them on a man-made surface where rinse water won’t seep into soil. Flies breed in soil and other organic matter.

At Romney Dallas TX pest control, we know that summer fun can be ruined by the persistent buzzing of house flies. It’s hard to prevent these pesky insects from entering your house if your kids are constantly running in and out of the house in the summer. And if you have parties in your yard, you know how difficult it can be to enjoy meals without flies buzzing around on hot nights. Romney’s experienced pest control techs in Dallas use non-toxic solutions to eliminate flies and their larva. Enjoy your summer without the constant buzzing of houseflies. Give Romney Pest Control a call at 214-222-7378 to set up an appointment or visit us online at to learn more.

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